Why is Cambodian hair dominant in the Asian hair extension market?

Previously, people were familiar with such brand names as Indian hair and Brazilian hair. However, these days, products from the Asian market have gained much more popularity and earned them a place in the competitive market. One of the most shining stars is Cambodian hair.

It is different from distinct features, which can be beneficial for a gorgeous look. What’s more, you can immediately get a bundle of hair in Cambodia at a much lower cost than other types of hair extensions. So, what is the hidden beauty that attracts so many customers to Cambodian hair? This will be answered and clearly explained in this blog post.

Stay tuned to see if it is your dream product!

Description of Cambodian hair

In this blog post today, we will provide you with an A to Z guide about this hair type so that you can make a more sensible decision on your first order. As the name reveals, Cambodian hair is the hair harvested from multiple donors in Cambodia. In general, it belongs to the category of human hair, which we highly recommend. 

Cambodian hair
You are looking for a refreshing and stunning look? (Source: Internet)

While other hair origins come in silky, smooth, and shiny texture, hair in Cambodia is well-known for its medium luster and slightly coarse feature. It is also very flexible in upgrading hairdos because you can find a wide variety of its textures out there, including straight, wavy, and curly hair. The house of bundles analyzed, it works for women both with heavily textured strands and naturally smooth textured hair.

As you can see in the picture, the hair is lusciously gorgeous and incredibly lightweight, which helps you feel comfortable while wearing. You can own all these fantastic features if only you buy raw Cambodian hair. By this, we mean you should try not to be fooled and persuaded to purchase mixed hair. To avoid this, please read the following part carefully and ‘learn it by heart’!

Five things you should know about hair in Cambodia

Small note: Simply put, it has some features which are the same as Indian hair, and the most significant difference lies in its lower price. However, neither of them is a copy of the other, and it is a matter of preference. Therefore, just explore and find your favorite one!

Cambodian hair is famous for five aspects, namely healthy cuticles, less gray hair, natural color, typical smell, and easy styling. 

  • Natural hair color
Cambodian hair
Personally, this hair can blend well with almost all hair types (Source: Internet)

On the contrary to Vietnamese hair in jet black, the hair in Cambodia tends to be mildly black. To your surprise, it is a real natural color without undergoing any chemical processes. You may hear some gurus call this color as 1b or off black. If it is in a softer black, the name will be color 2. 

  • Healthy and strong cuticles

Technically, as Healthline states, a hair cuticle is a protective layer composed of dead and overlapping cells. Should it be healthy, it will add more shine and help protect the inner layers from possible damages.  ((Healthline. 2020. Cuticle: What Is It, Care, Removal, Signs Of Infection, And More. [online] Available at: <https://www.healthline.com/health/cuticle> [Accessed 7 June 2020].))

Cambodian hair is human hair collected from donors. Therefore, the cuticles are likely to be intact and laid in the same direction. In other words, they are healthy and excellent to buy a bundle. 

  • Typical smell

This will help you distinguish between raw/virgin hair and mixed/synthetic hair. If you smell a clean natural smell as your strands, it is fresh/virgin hair no matter where it is from. Remember to check it when you receive the order. 

  • Less gray hair

According to the Library of Congress, chemical exposure is listed as an extrinsic factor of gray hair. Fortunately, as a tradition of most Asian women, they give their hair special treatment with no chemical product. This creates healthy locks and reduces grey hair. 

  • Easy styling
Cambodian hair
Can’t wait to see your transformation with these amazing locks (Source: Internet)

Cambodian hair is the stylist’s hair dream because it works well when it comes to coloring and bleaching. You can achieve your desired hair color if your bundle of Cambodian hair from Cambodia is done by a professional.

These are the benefits of hair in Cambodia that you may take into consideration, but we are pretty sure that you will love it at first sight. Now, move on to the next section to see if it can compete against other aged hair origins. Comparison is what makes an overall picture of the market clearer. 

Cambodian hair vs. Brazilian hair and Indian hair – a battle between two generations

Why do we call it a battle between two generations? As you all know, we started the era of hair extensions with Indian and Brazilian hair. After a few decades, hair vendors began to explore the potential market in Asia, and Cambodian hair emerged as a rising star, which is favored by many dark-colored women.

  • Brazilian hair
Cambodian hair
Ombre Brazilian hair used to rock the whole world (Source: Internet)

When compared to Cambodian hair, Brazilian strands are bound to be soft and thick with lots of body locks. Hence, it is an excellent choice for those with thinner heads. Naturally, this hair type mainly comes in body waves, natural waves, and deep curls. 

Among three hair origins, we can say that it is the most durable to hold curls and the most resistant to frizz. Note that you should choose it when you hunt for tight curls or deep and voluminous waves. 

  • Indian hair
Cambodian hair
In this part, to make it short, we only show you the difference between Cambodian and Indian hair (Source: Internet)

We would say that if you want to know more about Vietnamese hair vs. the other two, please click here (dẫn link bài Vietnamese hair). 

Indian hair is a friend of every woman in the world. It is versatile in the market, easy to find and affordable to get. It offers you a variety of options from straight to kinky to wavy. However, there are some minus points that you need to take notice of. 

First, as it is cheap and accessible, there are hundreds of mixed hair and synthetic hair that are made to fool customers. You should be careful when buying. 

Second, Indian hair seems to swell and turn dizzy in hot and humid weather. To use it for a long time, you should use an anti-frizz product and pay more attention to your hair care routine. 

As we have mentioned above, Cambodian hair is quite similar to Indian hair in such aspects as versatility, light texture, and variety. The final result for these two is 1-1.

  • Cambodian hair

It is likely to be much coarser in texture than its opponents. Plus, it is perfect for blending with relaxed African American strands. Hence, it arguably becomes a rising star in the market and ranks high on the list. It has lots of body and bounce, but the amount satisfies almost all customers. 

One more strength is its low maintenance option. You do not need to pay more for a good look while you can keep it for 1-2 years. So, why not?

In conclusion, when compared to seniors in the market, it is competitive enough. It deserves your attention and interest, we must say.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is raw Cambodian hair like?

A1: in this blog post, we are describing raw Cambodian hair, but it only contains fundamental knowledge. If you want to dig deeper in the appearance of Cambodian human hair, you may refer to this page ((Wholesalehairvendors.com. 2020. What Is Cambodian Hair Like And Everything You Should Know About It. [online] Available at: <https://wholesalehairvendors.com/what-is-cambodian-hair-like.html> [Accessed 7 June 2020].))

Q2: Please go into details about the difference between Cambodian hair vs. Peruvian hair!

A2: Though we are a kind of expert in the hair market, the differences between these two types are very subtle. We may say that if you don’t work with hair extensions for a while, you just hardly tell it apart. There is one thing that you may feel when you look at them. Cambodian hair is more well-known for its medium luster, while Peruvian has lower shine. If you find the bundle healthy and shiny, Cambodian it is. 

Q3: Where to buy bundles of Cambodian?

A3: We are living in a 4.0 world where everything is digitalized. You can shop online, and there are a lot of platforms you can refer to, such as Amazon, Alibaba, and the like. No matter which platforms you use, talk to hair vendors in person before making any decision. You can also contact us for more information if you want to.

4. Reviews

#1. I just don’t know why it has a considerable appeal to me. How can I say? Hmm, it is more abundant in textures than I think. It ranges from straight, wavy to curly, from smooth to coarse and thick. 

#2. Now I know why my friends keep talking about it. My preference a year ago was Peruvian. It was delicious, but my friends tried Cambodian, and they talked about it so much that I decided to try. They are the same. I mean, they are all good, and the maintenance process is not much different. I enjoyed them all. I must say!

#3. It’s not a review because I’m looking for a reliable hair vendor. I felt that my Indian bundle was not that human, and I felt uncomfortable while wearing it. I want to find an okay supplier who can support me with stuff and give me some advice also because I don’t know much about hair extensions. Please share it with me!

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