Double drawn hair – Should I try hair extension right away?

Welcome back to the world of hair extensions! Today’s article is not about loads of hair extensions in the market, namely Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair, and so on. The list goes on, but at least you have specific knowledge of them. However, as a newcomer, you may find single drawn and double drawn hair confusing.

So, we are here to help you break the ice with them and choose which one is your better investment to make. In this article, we will go into detail, and you can understand the distinct difference between the two types. Things are just hit up here! Note that at the end of the article, there is one more term that is no less confusing – super double drawn human hair. Follow us in order not to mess it up!

Description of double drawn hair?

Single drawn hair and double drawn hair are two familiar terms for those who are wearing human hair extensions. As you may know, the highest-quality hair extensions come from real human strands. Depending on the way hair extension factories process the collected hair, we can name them into two types. 

What is single drawn hair?

Double drawn hair
This is Remy single drawn hair (Source: Internet)

It would be better if we are using some visual aids. As you can see in the picture above, beautiful light waves move nicely, but please take a close look at the end of this hair. It is more like a natural sort of finish. 

So, technically, single drawn hair extensions are collected from one only person, and therefore, they are a combination of multiple hair lengths. When each strand hardly has the same period, the hair tip is thick, and the ends are thin. Most companies choose to sell single drawn hair instead of double drawn hair due to the cost of production. In general, it is a more economical option. 

What is double drawn hair?

Double drawn hair
Once you are aware of single drawn hair, you can find it easy to notice double drawn one (Source: Internet)

Now, “what does draw mean” seems to be an easy question to answer. That is to say, the radical difference mains in the uniform look throughout the bundle of double drawn one. It can be seen that double drawn weft contains almost all same-length hair ends; therefore, the packet is thicker. 

People say that double drawn hair wefts are collected from different donors. To be more specific, if you order a bundle of 18 inch double drawn human hair, it means the package contains from 70% to 90% of precisely 18-inch pieces, and the rest is shorter hair mixed. 

Double drawn hair is more expensive because it goes under a new process in the manufacturing stage as what has been shared by Celebrity Locks

Instead of putting collected hair directly on the weft, workers have to pull out all the short pieces of hair at the ends to make sure that fullness remains from top to bottom. Once the bundle reaches the standard thickness of double hair, they sew it into a weft. 

What about super double drawn hair?

Save the best for the last! Super double drawn is better than any other type. In a bundle of this hair type, shorter pieces are completely removed to create a perfect look. Imagine that approximately 85% to 90% of the package has the same length. Therefore, it is the thickest one. 

Double drawn hair
The more sophisticated the hair process is, the higher quality it is (Source: Internet)

As it is the best, no matter which aspects we are mentioning, from a quality, volume, beautiful look to longevity, you have to spend more on this investment. It is acceptable because shorter hairpieces are removed manually, not with a machine. 

Pros and cons of single drawn hair and double drawn hair?

As you may know, the drawn process is one of the decisive factors to make natural-looking hair extensions. Once hair integrations are used, the ultimate goal is to make sure hairpieces blend well with your hair. For example, if you are Nigerian and desire to have a full and vibrant look, this part will help you with a better choice.

Note that the two types are strands collected from real people, and then they all ensure a healthy full appearance. However, it depends on the thickness you choose to create a much more natural look. Therefore, you need to grasp the knowledge of their pros and cons. 

Single drawn hair


Single drawn hair can be associated with many plus points, and it is a perfect choice if you are looking for your natural finish, not the volume of your look. The main point is that single drawn hair is from one donor only. Hence, when you try to color or dye it, the result will be precisely what you desire as it is nothing different from dying your strands. 

Double drawn hair
We can take this as a vivid illustration of dyed single drawn hair (Source:

As we have analyzed, in contrast to double drawn hair, single hair naturally grows from our scalp, gets thinner at the tips, and tapers off towards the bottom. You have reached the natural look, but after many times of using, the hair ends soon become straggling (seen in the picture). 

Double drawn hair
I do not think it is the one you are looking for (Source: Internet)

Equally, single drawn hair is much cheaper than double drawn hair, which may influence your final decision. One suggestion is to trim ends up yourself by a couple of inches. This will make the hair appear fresher and more stunning without paying more for the second option. Please make sure that you are double drawing the hair correctly. 


For those whose ultimate goal is to achieve a glamorous look, double drawn hair could be more potential due to a lack of volume in the single drawn one. 

What’s more, it seems to be a more economical choice, but it turns out to be not. You will have to trim off a significant amount of hair to get hair thickened at the ends. From my personal experience, I can tell you that I had to use 400 grams of single drawn hair to get my favorite hairstyle, but I could have used 300 to 350 grams of double drawn hair. 

Again, you need to decide which style you go for before choosing single drawn hair. 

Double drawn hair extensions

In general, double drawn human hair is a perfect choice for those who want to add more thickness to their first look. Double drawn provides you with diameter from root to tip. From the perspectives of an expert, I can say that you get what you pay for.

Double drawn hair
This kind of hair extensions can make the strands quite heavy. (Source: Internet)


A full-bodied look will be achieved at ease thanks to 70% of same-length hair. You can also feel it fuller and more natural than the former. It is also likely that you only need one bundle for a full head. 


The noticeable drawback is that double hair extensions are not a purse-friendly product. You have to consider it because once you have fallen for it, you may not have the return ticket. 

Double drawn hair
Warning for beautiful hair friends (Source: Internet)

Double weft may cause damages due to its weight for those with beautiful hair. Thus, it is not suited to everyone. If you are Nigerian in particular and Brazilian in general, opt for double drawn human hair because your hair is healthy enough to get a thick and full look. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is double drawn hair the best and where can I find the quality of super double?

A1: The making process of super double drawn human hair is more sophisticated, and therefore 85% of hair is of the same length. The hair volume also seems to be profound. So, in terms of thickness, double is the best. It is suggested that you should look for the Asian market. If you love the coarse and firm hair texture, Cambodian hair may enchant you. On the contrary, those who are interested in silky and smooth hair will seek for the rising star – Vietnam. You can contact us for more information if you want. 

Q1: How to double cut hair?

A1: You mean you want to double draw your hair yourself? For instance, you want very thick 20-inch hair integrations, and you had better buy 22 to 24 inch single drawn hair so that the hair ends should be trimmed and thickened. Finally, you still have an overall length of 20 inches. To make a double haircut, you have to use a cloth measuring tape and remove all split ends carefully. You can refer to this source for more information about tips to double drawn hair ((

Q3: I found a new term yesterday, “virgin double drawn.” Could you help me with this?

A3: If you get to know about hair extensions for a while, you can see that any kind of “virgin” hair is all among the best quality of hair integrations out there. Virgin hair means raw hair without being processed . Approximately 60% to 70% of hair strands are of the same length, which offers a close look as double drawn hair wig does. 

4. Reviews

#1. I have been using Brazilian single drawn hair for nearly a year, and I am quite annoyed at the trimming process. I love the natural finish at first sight, but after that, an excellent cut from a hairstylist should be compulsory to make it healthy and voluminous again. Maybe I should change. 

#2. I asked quite a few hair suppliers for hair extensions because I haven’t tried them before, and they all suggested single drawn hair. The only drawn weft is indeed a commonly used type at a lower price, but I kind of believe more money means higher quality. Then double weft didn’t make me disappointed at all. I highly recommend double drawn hair. 

#3. I just can’t give a clue as it depends on your purpose of wearing hair extensions and the style you are dreaming of. Read the information carefully and choose a better bang for your buck! As for me, a bundle of single drawn one is good enough, but it may not apply to you.  

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