The ultimate guide to funmi hair extensions in Nigeria

It may be the first time you have heard about funmi hair as when compared to other hair textures such as silk straight, body wave, and kinky curl. It is entirely new to those who have just fallen in love with hair extensions. However, it is still considered one of the latest top-quality natural hair in the market.

This Nigerian hair type seems to be so underrated in the world. Therefore, we provide you with this ultimate guide to raise people’s awareness of a rising star in hair extensions, especially those who are fond of beautiful and vibrant curls. At present, we can say that funmi hair is nothing different from a trend-setter in that many celebrities start wearing it to get a uniquely sexy look.

Why not scroll down to see how special it is, and maybe after this article, you will be one of the fans. Don’t miss it because it will not make you disappointed!

Description of funmi hair

We believe that you already knew the meaning of the word ‘ombre’ – a unique hair color. Ombre seems to be the universal word, and it is also the trendy hair color that most women all want to try once in life. However, funmi hair does not gain the same popularity as its counterpart even though it deserves more. 

Funmi hair
A picture is worth a thousand words (Source: Internet)

As you can see in the photo, funmi hair extensions have extraordinary curls that start from the middle shaft of the strands. Usually, women aged around 30 years old will find it the one they are looking for because middle curls often ensure a sophisticated and charming look. Therefore, don’t be surprised if sometimes they call it aunty (funmi) hair Nigeria. 

Funmi hair is just unique, durable, and gives the same feeling as your natural hair. It responds very well to styling, coloring, fixing, etc. It is full, bouncy, and beautiful. The style is focused on giving the African women a natural but elegant and outstanding look. 

Funmi hair
Once you try, there will be no turning back (Source: Internet)

Though funmi hair’s coverage has not been worldwide, it is still of star quality. It has been used for many famous people, from celebrities in the world of show business, music, and modeling to dignitaries and diplomats. For example, The Nigerian – British singer Sade Apu wore tumbling funmi tresses in her Mermaids video, and international models sported those stunning locks. In other words, funmi curls epitomize glamor if it does not sound very pompous.

Funmi hair
Those stunning curls took fashionistas by storm. You can watch more in the link below

Once again, when you wear one bundle of funmi, your confidence increases, and you are at peace with yourself from the bottom of your heart. If you want to look and feel beautiful while wearing any length of hair, funmi curls are your high and easy choice to grab. 

How it all began

History and how the hair emerges are not often discussed in our article as we mainly focus on the characteristics and reviews merely about the strands. However, this one is different as funmi hair is pioneered by a stylist who started in Nigeria but now London-based. This name also belongs to that creative woman, who developed this brand and promoted it to the high-end hair market. This deserves our compliments, and she is the princess, as Encomium has just named her.(( 2020. First Call: PRINCESS DEBORAH FUNMILAYO NAMABIRI’s FUNMI HAIR CLOCKS 40! | Encomium Magazine. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 9 May 2020].))

Funmi hair
The one in blonde funmi hair is Deborah Funmilayo Namabiri, the founder of funmi hair (Source: Internet)

Back in 1976, Funmi’s first hair weave was the result of an act of humanity for a lady who suffered from alopecia. Funmilayo took strands from her mannequin and worked with it painstakingly with the hope that no one would believe that was not the woman’s hair. The simple act motivated her to bring Nigerian hair to the world. 

From beginning to end, everything is hand-made, with no machinery involved. She physically examines every strand of hair by hand for quality control before distribution. Her work is paid off when funmi hair can be seen all over the world from London and Paris to Nigeria, China, and the USA. It is a registered trademark and international brand for over 30 years.

How to maintain funmi hair

With all the beautiful features, funmi hair seems to be a wise investment if you take care of it properly. Otherwise, it can cost you a fortune because curly strands are often more sensitive than any other type. Therefore, you had better read these following tips carefully to keep your funmi curls vibrant all the time. 

Let’s get started with our answer to the question “how to maintain aunty funmi hair Nigeria” now!

  • Brush your funmi hair every day and frequently use a good quality detangling brush. The order would be the bottom way up gradually to the top. 
  • Wash hair frequently, not daily, using detangling shampoo and condition.
  • Grease, oil, or oil spray/sheen is not recommended.
Funmi hair
Some hair products are right for your funmi curly hair (Source: Internet)
  • To maintain hair shine and luster, you should use a serum to protect strands from the environment and hair loss.
  • Tie hair up or make it in a high bun when you sleep 
Funmi hair
If so, the next morning your hair is not tangled and folds are kept (Source: Internet)
  • You can style your funmi like straightening with a blow dryer and flat iron. It can also be colored. 
  • Brush hair properly before swimming and always use a cap to protect it from chlorine.

The most important thing lies in how you choose the supplier to buy the highest quality, aunty, funmi hair Nigeria. Funmi curly hair is the extension of grace only if you obtain precisely what Funmi – the founder provides. For those who cannot get to her salon in London, you can find funmi hair in Lagos because it has a distribution network there. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How much is funmi hair?

A1: Just a small click with suppliers, and you will get the price list for funmi curly hair. I would not dare to say a fixed number because it depends on the style, but typically, the price ranges from $22. You can contact some in Aliexpress or directly contact the Ivirgo sales team for more information. Wherever you are, you can still get the stuff you want, thanks to delivering agencies.

Q2: What type of hair is funmi hair?

A2: It is quite an interesting question because, in the first part, we only say that funmi owns particular curls starting from the middle shaft. Therefore, you can see quite many types of funmi, namely Vietnamese funmi curl hair, Cambodian and Nigerian one. Other examples can indeed be fun if they all reach the standard process of making fun hairstyles. All you need to do is to define the specific feature of the hair you want then add “fun” afterward before asking for customer service. 

 Q3: How to check if the store is reliable?

A3: Funmi has a rigorous quality control check process. If the store or the supplier passes through this inspection, they will be certified for use. You should ask for this before making any purchase because when it comes to aunty funmi, suppliers all need to meet high uncompromising standards. 

Funmi hair
This is the final result of funmi hair extensions attached (Source: Internet)

4. Reviews

#1. I dreamt about that hair. I have never seen any hair like funmi hair. It is simply the best – there is none like it!

#2. I came to funmi hair because I want hair that looks real, bouncy, and complements my style. I want to look and feel beautiful without thinking of the length. My friends often think it is my hair because it is what it states – real human hair. If you want bouncy real human hair that is versatile and pretty, then funmi curly hair is. 

#3. The hair transformation with it is fantastic. It is light and comfortable to wear. If you need some bounce, funmi hair will give you the ultimate. If you want the bone straight, you get the silkiest look with an $8 hairbrush and a dab serum. 

#4. I remember the day I tried funmi curls for the first time. I was immediately transformed into a super elegant and sophisticated lady. It looked wonderful. I got compliments from everyone. I had funmi hair in all lengths, and I rocked them all. Must try!

#5. At first, I wanted to buy this because of the incredible founder who grew up in a rural community and had little to do with hairstyles in particular and fashion in general. However, she is firm and dedicated to bringing her worth-to-be-proud Nigerian brand to the world. She deserves our support by trying this amazing product. It is as good as what others say though I didn’t believe them at all because advertisements are hard to predict these days. Try it and feel it yourself.

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