How to make your hair grow faster in a day?

We all know that hair is not only a sign of attractiveness, but it also tells something about ourselves. Beautiful hair is unsurprisingly everyone’s dream. However, while for some men and women, glossy and long hair is just a general thing, many people are having a problem of hair loss, hair shedding, or slow hair growth. If you are facing such a problem, this article is for you. Ivirgo Hair team will show you how to make your hair grow faster in a day.

How to make your hair grow faster in a day
Growing hair faster in one day

What to know about the hair growth

You may be highly knowledgeable about hair products or hair cosmetics, but do you know about the stages of our hair? Are you sure that you know about all the bad things you should not do to your hair? Before digging deep into some secrets about the ways to grow hair faster, we should look at some information about hair growth. 

The cycle of hair growth

How to make your hair grow faster in a day
The cycle of hair growth

An average person has about 100,000 hair follicles on their head, although the number of it varies with natural hair color. So what are follicles? These are the miniature holes in the skin that hair grows from.

Hair follicles cycle goes through different stages:

  • Growth: Hair growth occurs within the hair follicles. From 85% to 90% of hairs are in the growth stage during a given period.
  • Transition: Although the hair growth halts in this stage, the hair is still in the hair follicles.
  • Resting: During this phase, hairs are shed from the follicles. People lose between 50 and 100 hairs each day as a normal part of the hải growth cycle.

Not all the follicles are in action simultaneously, and not all the time, you can make your hair grow super fast. The speed of hair growth depends on several factors.

Factors influencing the growth of hair

How to make your hair grow faster in a day
Factors that influence the growth of hair
  • Age: The chronological age is the main cause of the incident of hair loss in both men and women. People start to lose their hair as they get older. Besides, it is much slower for people to grow hair as they get old. 
  • Genetics: Gene is another factor that has an impact on your hair growth. If a person is prone to hair loss, their hair will become thinner and weaker gradually, and in the end, the hair follicles are unable to produce any more hair.
  • Climate: It is believed that people living in warmer countries can grow hair faster. However, the sun can damage the scalp and hair, so we recommend you protect your hair against UVA and UVB rays with a hat or sunscreen in the summer months. On the other hand, cold air can make hair dry and more fragile.
  • Nutrition and diet: Whether you can make your hair grow faster relies largely upon you eat every day. Nourishing food is the key to fast growth and proper maintenance of beautiful and strong hair. To ensure rapid hair growth, your diet should include fresh fruits and vegetables. 
  • Vitamins and minerals: It is also essential to meet vitamins and minerals requirements, especially vitamins B, which help grow hair quicker. And some vital minerals are iron, zinc, iodine, and silica.
  • Rest and sleep: Having adequate rest and proper sleep plays a crucial role in producing hair faster every day. A 7-to-8-hour sleep is required to protect your shiny hair.
  • Stress: Being stressed is widely known as the main reason for not only poor health but also hair loss. When you are under pressure, quite a large number of follicles are being put in the resting phase of the hair cycle.

How to make your hair grow faster naturally in a day?

Have you ever searched on the Internet “How to make your hair grow faster home remedies” or “Natural hair growth tips”? In this writing, we provide you with the three most simple ways you can do at home to make your hair grow faster in a day. All are natural and inexpensive to follow.

Scalp massage and scrub

As I mentioned previously, hair grows in the first stage – “Growth” and where does a hair grow? On our scalp, of course! So the very first natural way that we recommend to make your hair grow faster in a day is to give yourself a scalp massage. This simple method will increase blood flow to your scalp, enhance the strength of your roots, and help nutrients get to your follicle faster.

You can massage your dry hair, but adding some kinds of nutrient oil is much better. We suggest the salt, coconut oil, and honey scrub. It is our favorite.

  • Ingredients: a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar; a tablespoon of coconut oil; a teaspoon of honey; ½ cup of salt. 
  • Mix all the ingredients thoroughly.
  • Apply the mixture to all over your hair and scalp. Massage your scalp gently for 10 minutes so that the oil is absorbed into your scalp. 
  • Wash your hair with a mild shampoo. 

Massage your scalp every day and you will see that it is not hard to make your hair grow faster, stronger, and shinier.

Egg yolk mask

You may already have known about the considerable benefits of egg masks in facial skincare. Yet, do you know that the yolk is so rich in protein that it also assists you guys in growing your hair faster?

How to make your hair grow faster in a day
Growing hair faster in one day by egg yolk mask

These steps below show how to make your hair grow faster in a day with egg yolks:

  • Stir 2 or 3 egg yolks in a bowl with 2 or 3 drops of lemon juice if you want to reduce the egg scent of the mask.
  • When the mixture is bubbly, apply it to your hair. You can use a pair of gloves or just your bare hands. You should use your fingers to massage your head, making sure that the mixture can coat the top of your scalp and the ends of your hair.
  • Cover the hair with a shower cap. Let the treatment sit on your hair for about 20 minutes.
  • Rinse your hair with cool or cold water. Do not use hot water because it can cause the egg to clump in the hair and make it time-wasting to wash the egg out.
  • Wash your hair normally with shampoo and apply conditioner as usual.

This egg yolk mask is one of the best methods to make your hair grow faster in a day. You can also mix egg yolks with olive and coconut oil or yogurt to promote your hair growth as well as enhance hair softness.


Of many different ingredients and treatments recently on the market specializing in how to make hair grow faster, natural planting ginseng is an unpopular but potent and effective ingredient in solving hair problems. 

Research has shown that ginseng could be beneficial for the growth of hair follicles. It is often used in many shampoos and conditioners because of its capability in stimulating the scalp and encourage hair growth.

If you are curious about how to make your hair grow faster in a day with ginseng, here is our suggestion of the hair and scalp treatment using ginseng:

  • For this recipe, you need to buy some ginseng supplement tablets from your local health store. Do not worry, it is not expensive at all!
  • Empty all of the ginseng capsules into a bowl and mix it with 3 to 4 tablespoons of coconut or jojoba oil. 
  • When the mixture is ready, apply it directly to your scalp.
  • Massage your scalp and your hair for at least 5 minutes with the mixture.
  • Rinse your hair with water.

The recipe is so easy to follow, right? You are advised to repeat the treatment daily to make your hair grow faster at the greatest speed.

Best hair products that help your hair grow faster

Besides all the natural methods we have introduced to all of you, we have also compiled a collection of some best hair products which are useful to promote your hair growth on the Amazon.

Pura d’Or Anti Hair Loss Shampoo 

How to make your hair grow faster in a day
Pura d’Or Anti Hair Loss Shampoo

This product contains biotin, argan oil, niacin, and antioxidants – all are nourishing ingredients to your hair. You will have thicker, fuller hair after using the shampoo.

Natural First Ginseng and Aloe Vera Hair Growth Thickening and Repair Serum, 2 oz

The first advantage of this hair serum is chemical-free. I also mentioned that ginseng is a powerful ingredient in how to make your hair grow faster in a day. Therefore, this product not only quickens your hair growing process but it also reduces thinning and increases your hair density.

Sports Research Biotin 5000 Mgc 

How to make your hair grow faster in a day
Sports Research Biotin 5000 Mg


It is made with 5,000mcg of USP Biotin in cold-pressed organic coconut oil. It provides all kinds of proteins and vitamins for your scalp which works for growing your hair faster and healthier. 

Factors that slow down the hair growth

If you want to make your hair grow faster in a day, here are some things you should avoid doing to your hair.

Stress and pressure

There is an essential link between increased stress levels and hair loss. Stress puts hair follicles into a resting stage in which they stop producing any new hair strands. Gradually, your hair will fall out more easily and quickly, even without you touching it.

Fortunately, the situation will not get worse if you stay positive, take adequate rest, and try to stop putting more pressure on your shoulders.

Unhealthy and nutritionally deficient diet

Your meals affect your hair health profoundly. To be able to grow your hair faster in a day, you should consume sufficient vitamins, minerals, and proteins every day. Otherwise, your hair will be dry, weak, and more prone to breakage and damage.

Over-washing your hair

Many people think that washing hair daily helps our hair clean and strong and capable of growing faster. It is not true. Dr. Khetarpal says no. “Even with daily exercise, you do not need to wash your hair daily”.

Why? Because over-washing hair can lead your hair to become dry, brittle and eventually, break. Hence, we advise you to wash your hair 3 times a week, though the schedule can vary based on your age and hair oil.

Over-using hair cosmetics

Although dyes and bleaches are related to enhancing new hair growth, these are known to damage existing hair follicles and cause treated hair to become damaged.

If you want to protect your hair and make it grow faster in a day, you should limit occasions dying and bleaching your hair. Besides, you are recommended to pay more attention and give more care to your dyed and bleached hair by using some specialized hair products.

We hope that you guys find these tips we have recommended helpful in making your hair grow faster in a day. Just try these methods and be patient, we are sure that you can get your ideal hair in one day.

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