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It can be seen that recently, the hair market has shifted significantly towards Asian hair products, which proves these are economical but good bet to rock. Among well-known brands from India and China, Vietnamese hair extensions emerge as a potential game-changer, which brings excellent customer experience.

So, what makes it one of the most popular Asian types, and why can it be so fast-growing in the market? All these questions can be answered in this article, where we can show you all the amazing yet different characteristics of this Asian type. Once you fall in love with Vietnamese strands, you can hardly find another placement in that affordable range of price.

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Description of Vietnamese hair

This article is uniquely written by Ivirgo Investment and Commerce Joint Stock Company – one of the top Vietnamese companies which provide natural Vietnamese and Cambodian hair with many countries all over the world, including Nigeria. If you are interested in our products, please contact and feel free to order as we choose DHL Express as our partner. If you have your agencies in Vietnam or China, we will directly send your order there. 

You may know other neighbors of natural hair Vietnam, including Indian hair, Chinese hair, and Cambodian hair. However, regarding its price, Vietnamese hair is second to none, while it still holds all the perfect features of other types. So, why not choose this bet to rock a gorgeous look? 

What exactly is Vietnamese hair well-known for? We will judge it in three aspects, namely thickness, strength, and shine. Note that we are talking about the hair, which is 100% collected from Vietnamese donors and cared through a particular procedure to keep it healthy and natural. 

vietnamese hair
The iconic symbol of Vietnamese girls wearing “nón lá” and long straight strands have been engraved on people’s mind (Source: Internet)

It is really thick and dark.

Normally, most Vietnam hair suppliers harvest hair directly from healthy Vietnamese women, and as you may know, the Viet families want their daughters to have long and natural hair. Therefore, a bunch of Vietnamese hair in natural colors (black or deep brown) is safe to wear. 

Thanks to this tradition, the hair is 100% unprocessed and pure. It is really thick and dark in nature, which suits the preferences of Nigerian women who are always seeking for a lighter but stunning look. In terms of textures, Vietnamese raw hair comes in a variety from straight curly to light wavy hair, but in general, it is soft, fine, and silky. 

It is durable and easy to get styled.

In Asian culture, hair is kind of an important aspect to gain a favorable impression. Hence, Vietnamese hair is always nourished and taken good care. This builds up its long lifespan. If it is under excellent care, it can be used for one year or more. However, durability does not mean it is hard to transform. 

The weather in Vietnam is not too cold in winter as in China and not too scorching as in India. Therefore, Vietnamese hair is extraordinarily soft and smooth. You can quickly get your desired style by bleaching, but keep in mind that because it is rich in melanin, you may have to get your hair bleached more than once. In return, you will rock it wherever you go. 

vietnamese hair
When melanin is in high levels, it is harder to change the color of the original strands (Source: Internet)

It is shining 

Thanks to hair care habits and favorable weather conditions, Vietnamese hair is smooth and shining. In contrast to common sense, it is not rough as it has not been processed with chemicals, and the weather is moist enough to make it silky and robust at the same time. You can get shining strands as what can be seen in Nigerian advertisements in a few minutes with this kind of Asian hair. 

vietnamese hair
This shine and silk can be obtained with amazing products from Vietnam, especially Vietnamese raw hair and Vietnam virgin hair (Source: Internet)

Which is superior – Vietnamese hair vs. Cambodian hair?

In the Asian segment, Vietnamese hair and Cambodian hair are the most popular types; thus, a comparison is inevitable. The two have their royal customers and bring different customer experiences. To make it short, they are all excellent choices if you are looking for hair extensions, but to know if which one suits you, you may need to refer to this part. 

vietnames hair
In a game where we can hardly find a winner (Source: Internet)

First, hair factories all collect hair from Vietnamese and Cambodian women who often grow their traditional hair and are very proud of it. Depending on its origin, the hair is named after. Vietnam and Cambodia are neighbors; so, the two types are in close similarities. 

Second, Cambodian and Vietnamese hair are all various in their textures. You can choose a bundle of naturally silky hair or heavily textured ones. Hair suppliers will meet your requirements immediately after you have asked for a specific texture. You can also pay more to get Vietnamese raw hair and Cambodian virgin hair to enjoy no-processing strands. 

Regarding differences, as you can see in the picture above, Vietnam hair is much softer and thinner, while Cambodian hair is a bit coarser and thicker. It is also likely that Cambodian hair comes in a lot of natural wavy and curly textures while Vietnamese one is in its straight and shining strands. However, it is not valid if you say Vietnamese hair is straight and Cambodian one is wavy. 

If you are an African such as Nigerian customer, why not try something different from yours as Vietnamese because, with naked eyes, we can see some minor similarities between Cambodian and Nigerian hair. And if you are from Europe and Asia, when looking for hair extensions, please ask exactly which texture you want.

Graceful look vs. sleek look, which will you go for? (Source: Internet)

Now, your decision is at your hands because it is not pompous to say that they are well-matched. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is unique about raw Vietnamese hair and Vietnam virgin hair? Can you specify it a bit?

A1: In general, they are all collected from only one single donor; therefore, you can enjoy the same quality and color from every single strand in the bundle. More importantly, it is totally pure without being permed and styled in any way. Regarding Vietnam virgin hair, it is collected and kept cuticles aligned to avoid tangling and shedding. 

Q2: How to choose a proper length with hair?

A2: Normally, if you decide to buy some bundles of Vietnam hair, you may desire to gain a long and silky look as most women in this S-shaped country. In an Asian mindset, the longer the hair is, the more attractive you are. However, you may choose somewhere between 8 inches to 30 inches in length. You may want to ask for Vietnam’s Remy hair as a sample, just my advice.

vietnamese hair
A sexy modern look can also be obtained with 16-inch Vietnamese hair (Source: Internet)

Q3: How much do I need to pay for a bundle of Vietnamese strands?

A3: It depends on which type you want and which texture you are looking for. It is better to directly contact Vietnamese hair extension wholesale and ask for their price tags. They will provide you with everything they have for sure. 

4. Reviews

#1. At first, I thought this affordable hair type is something that I only tried once to test, but it is beyond my expectations. This different look set my Nigerian neighborhood’s tongues wagging, mostly interest in this Asian look. I bet you will feel excited about this bet.

#2. I have tried Vietnamese hair once but only a sample. This time, I bought Vietnam Remy hair, which costs much more than the first time, of course. And you know what, I love it so much as people can’t see if it is my natural hair or not. I enjoyed it so much without feeling annoyed with tangles and itchiness. You guys should try too.

#3. I have bought a bundle of hair, but it seemed that this silky look doesn’t fit me well. So, I tried 12-inch Cambodian hair, and it looks better because I want to keep my sleek look instead of something very graceful. If you are looking for the fragile beauty, then Vietnamese is top-notch. 

#4. The first time was trying, and I wish I had known it earlier to buy some bundles of hair. Two years ago, I visited this country and longed for the look, but I didn’t think one day, I could be that gorgeous. I can’t wait to buy an “ao dai” to be a genuinely Vietnamese woman. 

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